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I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I'm a wife and stay at home mom of 3 sons. I love to paint, sew, knit, stitch and create. I enjoy selling my creations at local fairs, ebay and here on my blog. When I not crafting I love to decorate my home. I'm always moving furniture, painting or switching things around. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day~*~Leanne~*~

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still Stitching and a Good Tip...

You would think a person would get tired of stitching....
Not me!

I finish one piece and I'm off to the next piece.

I should say I start several projects at one time.

Here's a good tip...
I like to cut out the shapes of several projects at one time. 
This way I take out all my wool, make a huge mess, cut out my projects and clean up. 
I can also tell what colors I'm running out of.

 I just love this runner! 
The black background really makes the objects pop.

 I made this runner using a pattern but I added my own touches.
I wish I could remember who's pattern this is.

You might remember this penny rug...I made it in black.
I really like how this looks..perfect for spring and summer.

 I made a few spring and summer penny rugs.

 This green is my favorite!

I have these penny rugs for sale on my ebay.
I have more pictures and a little write up about each piece.
Click here to see everything I have on ebay.
You can always email me if you would like to purchase directly from me.

Here's a new runner I designed and made.

I made this runner two ways. 
One way using a solid piece for the pumpkins and stitching to give it dimension.

And one way using several pieces to make the pumpkins.

I just love all the yummie hand dyed wools!
I plan on stitching tomorrow...leap day...what better way to spend our extra day!

I'll continue stitching as long as the weather stays cool.
Once it gets warmer then yard work starts which leaves less time to stitch.

Enjoy your day,


Maureen said...

Leanne, each of these is a work of art! Love them all :)

Felicia said...

Lovely pennies Leann

Anonymous said...

You work is beautiful. Am heading over to your shop. Suzi