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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Organizing and a Tip....

If you do any stitching you know how hard it is to keep your threads neat and organized.
I've tried so many things but nothing has worked. I always end up with a pile that looks like this.
I don't know what colors I have and what I need to buy.

Well I found the solution!
This has changed my really!
It's called Floss-away.
Little zip lock bags with a hole punched in the top left corner and a metal ring.  They also have a place where you can write the color number.
I found these on the JoAnn's website,

See how nice the floss fits in. I feel so much better when things are organized.
I don't have to take time to unknot the floss before I stitch.

 TIP: This is a good one if I do say so myself.  I do this to a lot of my bags holding crafty things. 
I cut into the bag about 1/4 of in inch to let all the air out when the bag is zip locked.
This way the bag lays flat.

 See how nice a neat they all look.
It's so easy to see the colors you have.
I have a ring for hand dyed floss, one for DMC floss and one for variegated floss.

 I've been doing a little cross stitching, crocheting and stitching penny rugs.
I finished these shamrock penny rugs for St. Patty's day.
I just love the hand dyed wool shamrocks on the black wool. I think it gives the piece a lot of interest.
I try to think spring but with temps in the teens and snow falling every other day it's hard to imagine.
So when the snow starts to fall I start working on snowmen...just getting ready for the fall craft fairs,

I posted these on ebay.  I have Valentine Penny Rugs there too.
Click here if you are interested,
Enjoy your weekend,