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I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I'm a wife and stay at home mom of 3 sons. I love to paint, sew, knit, stitch and create. I enjoy selling my creations at local fairs, ebay and here on my blog. When I not crafting I love to decorate my home. I'm always moving furniture, painting or switching things around. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day~*~Leanne~*~

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Christmas Decorating

All my decorating is done!
I already had two parties.
 Bunco on Thursday and my high school friends on Saturday.
I love entertaining!
As in the past we will be hosting Christmas Eve and this year Christmas Day
which includes a Packer Game.
Packers for Thanksgiving and is a good year!

This is the top of an antique display cabinet.
It was used for shoes but now I have it in my dining room.
I use it for dishes and unique pieces I like to keep on display.

This is the top of my kitchen hutch.
The tree is in my grandmothers cookie jar...she always had the best cookies.

I'll share more pictures after I take them.

Enjoy your day,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Am I Feeling So Christmassy?

Because I've been working on Christmas!
I listed these item on ebay if you would like to see more pictures or purchase.
I only listed them for 3 days so if you would like to purchase you will have to hurry. 
I have a craft fair on Sunday and I want to take these treasures with me if they don't sell.

It was so fun to do these one of a kind snowman heads...
finding the candle holders and old embelishments...
giving them personality when I added their smile.
 And "Frosting" them with fine clear glitter and mica flakes.
I wish I could have found more candle holders because these guys were so much fun to make.
You'll see me at the local Good Will searching for
 I just love the look on this dolly's face...
I'm sure this cutie couldn't have been that bad to get coal.
 I had to make snowgirls....
with warm flannel dresses.
 I love gingerbread and polka dots so why not put them both in one doll. 
Don't you just love that orange hair?
 I can't make everything Christmas or Winter so this Homespun Raggedy is nice for any time of the year.
I love the wild know me...I'm all about the hair.
I just love this Annie and that bear is soooo cute.
She always smiles back at you.

I've been working, working, working.
I finished some wool applique, ornaments and penny rugs. My fingers are getting sore from all the hand stitching but....I love it!
I have a craft show this week and my last show next week.

Now back to crafting...
I posted all these things on ebay and you can email me if you would like to purchase from me or have any questions.

Enjoy your day,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat Night

Remember when you dressed up for Halloween....

 and you go out with your friends in their crazy costumes...

 and you bring home a stash like this!
I hope your Trick or Treat bag was full of the good candy!

Happy Halloween,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Punchneedle Pins

Where has the month gone?

I've been so busy painting, sewing, stuffing, punching and stitching that there hasn't been any time for blogging or ebaying but....
today I listed some punchneedle pins.

 sunflowers and pumpkins...

 more sunflowers...
yes, winter is coming and so are snowmen.

I have these listed on ebay...
Click Here if you would like to see more.

I made some really cute rag dolls I'll take some pictures and share them with you sometime this week.

Enjoy your day,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thanks Brewers....

It Was A Fun Season!

Enjoy your day,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Brewers Go

Brewers Win Central Division....

and it couldn't happen to a better team!
Congratulations Brewers!!!!

That's my team!!!!

We ARE going to party like it's 1982.
That's the last time the Brewers won their division.
Yes, I was there in 1982...we partied into the wee hours of the morning.
This year we toasted with a margarita and went to bed...I'm a little order

It sure has been fun around here!!!

I have a craft fair tomorrow
If you're around stop by to see me.

Cheery Cherry Craft Fair
Village Park in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin
Appleton Avenue and Garfield Avenue
Sunday, September 25th from 9-4

Enjoy your weekend,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Love Fall and More Favorites

Did I ever tell you how much I love sunflowers?
I'm sure I have....I know I have.
Here is my favorite sunflower pin.

I just love these wool pillows.
The leaves are perfect for favorite time of year.
I started putting some of my fall decorations out...I know it's early but with getting ready for fairs if I don't get them out now they won't get put out.

 I love the unexpected plaid in this penny rug.

I love the soft colors with black stitching in these coasters.

I love baskets...and yes I am a basket collector.

I love this little snowgirl!
Snowgirl is that a word?
Well it is in my book...why should men only be made of snow!

All these things were made by me!
I just listed them on ebay.
If you're interested in purchasing any one of my treasures

I'm sewing like crazy and loving every minute of it!
My head is spinning with ideas for dolls, stitcheries, penny many ideas not enought
My first craft fair is September 17th...I can't wait.

Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm baaack....

I'm back....
from vacation!

We took a little different vacation this year.
We drove to Washington DC...
with a few stops on the way.

I love this painting...
taken at the National Gallery of Art.

Our first stop....
We drove all day and made it on time for....

 an Indians game!
We had so much fun...
$1 hot dogs and Rock n Blast fireworks after the game.
The best part of all....
 our hotel was across the street from the ball park...
I couldn't wait to lay my head on that pillow.

We had to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
We spent 6 hours in there and I could have spent more time there.
We also checked out the Brown's Stadium. 
Off to our next stop...
The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jack had to wear his retro Clay Matthews jersey and his Packers Superbowl Cap.

It was fun going this year because the Packers won Super Bowl XLV.
Notice the ring Jack designed...

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLVI Champs....
that would be sooooo much fun!

 We made it to Washington DC...
but before we visit the Capitol...
Another ballgame.
Nationals Park, this ball park was our favorite.
And guess what?
It was $1 hot dog, peanuts and popcorn day.
We liked these hot dogs best.

The Nationals is the home of the racing Presidents.
Here is Mike and Jack with George Washington and Abe Lincoln.
They also have Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt.

We toured all of DC for 4 days...we thought it would take 3 but there was so much to see we added one.
We saw The Capitol, White House, Museums, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the War Memorials, rode the subway and much, much more.

Back home but wait one more stop.
Can you guess where we went?
PNC Park to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Now we didn't get $1 hot
But we did see the racing pierogi's.

Well that's our summer vacation in a nut shell...

Now back to crafting and laundry!

Enjoy your day,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet Treats....

I'm taking a little break....
from blogging.

Summer is flying by...
I need to take some time to get ready for my craft fairs....
check my display and make repairs and touch up some paint
so it looks fresh and new.

Try to find new ways to display my creations.

Look at inventory see what I have and what I need....
see how my new things will fit with the old.

I want to leave you with some pictures.

First some sweet treats.
This is a candy store in Vancouver.
I should stop looking at that
Everything is looking soooo good.

I listed a bunch of items on ebay.

some penny rugs and stitched pillows...

A little bit of winter... 
think snow to keep you cool.... 

and  some wool applique pillows. 

I'll be back in a couple of weeks.
I don't want to miss our birth month!
All 5 of us have birthdays in August.

This year I will 24 on the 53rd of August!

It doesn't sound so bad that!
Does it?

Enjoy your day,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Just Love Sunflowers!!!

Now that summer is here I'm thinking fall.
I know I should enjoy the nice warm weather but...

I Just Love Fall!

And what comes with fall but
Sunflowers and Pumpkins!

 These are my punchneedle pins.

 They are desigined by me.

Punched by me.

 All hand stitched with a hand stitched pin back.

I love punching these pins!
I just listed these on ebay.
Click here to see them.

Oh, I hear laundry calling....

Enjoy your day,