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I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I'm a wife and stay at home mom of 3 sons. I love to paint, sew, knit, stitch and create. I enjoy selling my creations at local fairs, ebay and here on my blog. When I not crafting I love to decorate my home. I'm always moving furniture, painting or switching things around. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day~*~Leanne~*~

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back In Time...,

I'm done!  I just finished this "Back In Time" quilt.  It's a pattern from Primitive Gatherings. This is another small quilt 16 x 18.  I have to say I'm a little addicted to doing these small quilts.  They are challenging ( which I love) yet you can see them up pretty quick.  Since I got the courage to try machine quilting I want to do more. I can't believe I was so afraid of trying this and now I love it!

Now there are a few mistakes maybe more than a few. 

Can you find them?

The little four patches are sewn with the red squares up except for two of them. I wish I could say that I planned it that way but I didn't. The four patches are supposed to float on the background but not all of them do. 

I am the type of person who learns from her mistakes so if I were to make this quilt again I'm sure I wouldn't make those mistakes.... Ha ha.

I'm currently working on this table runner "Pine and Holly" by Timeless Tradition. 

I also received two new blocks in the mail.  I'll be prepping them today.

Enjoy your day,

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Little Side Step..,.,

I just finished something I started almost a year ago.
 I know I'm a little slow but hey I finished it!

I saw this video from Missouri Star Quilt Company...Zipper Quilt.
To find it click here.

I kind of fell in love with this quilt.  I liked how simple it looked.  Hey I can do this quilt....I hope.

I didn't like the pictures I had on the wall and thought this quilt would be perfect!

I just love the fabrics!   

The colors are blacks, greys and beiges.  I love the color red and have touches of it in almost every room in the house so I had to add a little red in my quilt.

I used a variegated black to grey thread with a meandering how it looks on this quilt. 

Now this is just the second quilt I machine quilted. 
The first one I did was My Twisted Heart a little quilt for Valentine's Day.  You can read about it here and  here. The heart quilt is 16 inches square.  

This zipper quilt is 41 inches by 47 inches, a lot bigger!
I think it took me almost 6 hours to quilt and a lot of thread.  

Now on to finish my little 4 patch.

Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I finished "My Twisted Heart" 
pattern by Primitive Gatherings.

I thought I would frame it but after an email from my cousin, Janet I changed my mind. 
She is an amazing quilter!
She suggested I quilt it, bind it and hang it. 
This scared me a little because I never machine quilted before.

 I have always been afraid to try but after watching several videos I thought I was ready to try.  
I made up a few quilt sandwiches and practiced meandering. 
On with the quilt....

See the quilting on the back.

I used red thread for the heart and border, off white for the light beige around the heart. 
You can see the heart shape on the back. 
 Don't look too close because it's not perfect.

I love how it turned out!

Here's my next project.  I'll show you more when I get closer to finishing it. 
Yes, it's another Primitive Gatherings pattern.

Stay warm and happy stitching,

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Twisted Heart

I'm done! 

Well at least the top is done. 
I know you can't tell from the picture but the fabric squares in this quilt are small 1 inch square...1 inch. I can't believe I did this.  I love how this turned out.  The whole quilt top is 16 inches square. 

I'm not sure what to do now.

I think I want to frame it.  

Now what do I do?

 Do I add a thin batting? Do I quilt it?
Any tips on framing?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Enjoy you day,

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Having a Twisted Way

I'm making my first little quilt.  
I was shopping at Primitive Gatherings last fall when I fell in love with the 
Primitive Gatherings My Twisted Heart.

I thought it was so cute but looked soooo difficult.  
Well after talking to the gal at the counter I thought I'd give it a try and I bought the kit. That's not all I bought that day I assure you...I can't leave there without buying a bag or two of fun projects and wool and fabric and patterns, oh my!

Now that it's February I better get going. I laid out the blocks.

Sewed them together very carefully... I'm more of a beginner quilter.  I do a lot of craft sewing, wool appliqué and watched many quilt tv shows but still  I'm still a beginner.  
Yes! Everything lined up almost perfectly. Look at those corners!
I added the borders and...

 It doesn't look anything like the front of the pattern. Does it? 

Well the next step was really hard for me to do. All my corners were perfect, it looks so good and now I'm going to cut it up.  Yes CUT IT UP!

You use this little twister tool,..itty bitty twister tool, line up the marks on the tool and cut. After the first few cuts it wasn't so hard. Really. The more I cut the more I liked it.

One bit of advise stay really focused and organized. 

After all that cutting this is what you get....

 A pile of little pieces and this....

My Twisted Heart.

I'm not done yet but I will show you the finished product.  Hopefully I get it done today.

Enjoy your day,