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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Penny Rugs...

I just love mixing all my hand dyed wools, wools and wool felt into making penny rugs!

With the black wool background anything goes!

It seems like no matter what colors you mix they all turn out so fun!
The color combinations are endless!

As you can see I mix the shape around to...round, oval and large oval.

 See how fun it is to mix all colors in plaids and solids.
The one on the bottom right corner reminds me of citrus with it's lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit colors.  They are not the bright neon colors but soft prim colors.

 I also like using navy blue as a background.  The colors seem to blend in more for a softer look.

 I just love this gingerbread men and hearts penny rug!
It's perfect for Valentine's Day.
I don't usually make such large penny rugs. The cost of a large piece of wool is pretty pricey but so worth it when you see it sitting on a table.
This size...18 inches across is becoming my looks soooo nice on my kitchen table.

 Don't you just love these little men?  Their little bow ties and buttons are too cute.
These little guys are getting me to think of gingerbread cupcakes....yummmm.
I think I'll make some for the Super Bowl.
We need something to get over the fact that the Packers are not in it.
I'm still crying in my (root)beer about it.

I do have some of these penny rugs for sale on ebay.

One last idea....
How about this for your Super Bowl snack?
Someday I would like to try this. 
I really don't think it would be that hard in fact I think it would be really fun to make.
Maybe next year....
when the Packers are in the Super Bowl.

Enjoy your day,


My Colonial Home said...

Hi Leanne,
Lovely penny rugs - but you know they are my favorite thing to make too!
What a fun snack...goodness this just doesn't seem right without the Packers playing...should have been - but we did get good news though. Aaron got MPV!!!!


Deborah Anne said...

Darling penny rugs! They're one of my favorites to make!