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Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I add tongues to my penny rugs...

This week I've been stitching as often as I can.
One good thing about winter I have more time to stitch!

 I just love this pattern!
It looks so different just by changing the background.

 I know I showed you this sunflower but now I have the tongues basted on.

 A few tips on How I add tongues to my penny rugs.

1. Before I'm ready to add the tongues I mark the back of my top piece about 1/2 inch from the edge all the way around. This is my guide I use to line up the end of the tongues.

2. When I'm adding tongues to my wool applique I do the hand stitching on the 3 sides that will show. I then machine sew the bottom, chaining the pieces together. Make sure the tongues are in the color order you want them to be before you sew.

3. Flip your finished piece over and pin your chained tongues... remember finished side down. I then machine baste the tongues keeping them lined up with that 1/2 inch guide you made.

4. Pin the backing to the top and hand stitch using a blanket stitch. You will have to stitch the top and then stitch the back. I double up my stitching on the space between the tongues. Take out your basting stitches.

5. To finish I lay the top face down on a thick towel and place a double layer of muslin on top and press with steam.  Lay on a flat surface to cool.

6. Enjoy!

I think the tongues add more color and a perfect way to finish off your wool applique.
If you have any questions just ask.

I'm off to stitch...I want to get these pieces done this weekend.

Enjoy your day,

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Unknown said...

Your sunflower piece is just beautiful as is all of your work. Thanks for the tips :) patti