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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Having a Twisted Way

I'm making my first little quilt.  
I was shopping at Primitive Gatherings last fall when I fell in love with the 
Primitive Gatherings My Twisted Heart.

I thought it was so cute but looked soooo difficult.  
Well after talking to the gal at the counter I thought I'd give it a try and I bought the kit. That's not all I bought that day I assure you...I can't leave there without buying a bag or two of fun projects and wool and fabric and patterns, oh my!

Now that it's February I better get going. I laid out the blocks.

Sewed them together very carefully... I'm more of a beginner quilter.  I do a lot of craft sewing, wool appliqué and watched many quilt tv shows but still  I'm still a beginner.  
Yes! Everything lined up almost perfectly. Look at those corners!
I added the borders and...

 It doesn't look anything like the front of the pattern. Does it? 

Well the next step was really hard for me to do. All my corners were perfect, it looks so good and now I'm going to cut it up.  Yes CUT IT UP!

You use this little twister tool,..itty bitty twister tool, line up the marks on the tool and cut. After the first few cuts it wasn't so hard. Really. The more I cut the more I liked it.

One bit of advise stay really focused and organized. 

After all that cutting this is what you get....

 A pile of little pieces and this....

My Twisted Heart.

I'm not done yet but I will show you the finished product.  Hopefully I get it done today.

Enjoy your day,


PatC - All is Bright said...

For your first it sure looks like it's coming out beautiful. I really enjoy seeing your wool work.

Happy sewing!


paulette said...

This is wonderful!!

Did you know that you are 'no reply' whenever you leave me a comment! I can't answer you! :o(((