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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm baaack....

I'm back....
from vacation!

We took a little different vacation this year.
We drove to Washington DC...
with a few stops on the way.

I love this painting...
taken at the National Gallery of Art.

Our first stop....
We drove all day and made it on time for....

 an Indians game!
We had so much fun...
$1 hot dogs and Rock n Blast fireworks after the game.
The best part of all....
 our hotel was across the street from the ball park...
I couldn't wait to lay my head on that pillow.

We had to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
We spent 6 hours in there and I could have spent more time there.
We also checked out the Brown's Stadium. 
Off to our next stop...
The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jack had to wear his retro Clay Matthews jersey and his Packers Superbowl Cap.

It was fun going this year because the Packers won Super Bowl XLV.
Notice the ring Jack designed...

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLVI Champs....
that would be sooooo much fun!

 We made it to Washington DC...
but before we visit the Capitol...
Another ballgame.
Nationals Park, this ball park was our favorite.
And guess what?
It was $1 hot dog, peanuts and popcorn day.
We liked these hot dogs best.

The Nationals is the home of the racing Presidents.
Here is Mike and Jack with George Washington and Abe Lincoln.
They also have Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt.

We toured all of DC for 4 days...we thought it would take 3 but there was so much to see we added one.
We saw The Capitol, White House, Museums, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the War Memorials, rode the subway and much, much more.

Back home but wait one more stop.
Can you guess where we went?
PNC Park to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Now we didn't get $1 hot
But we did see the racing pierogi's.

Well that's our summer vacation in a nut shell...

Now back to crafting and laundry!

Enjoy your day,

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Maureen said...

Hi Leanne!! You were practically right in our backyard when you visited Cleveland.
It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.
As far as baseball games go, sometimes the between innings entertainment is better than the game itself!