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I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I'm a wife and stay at home mom of 3 sons. I love to paint, sew, knit, stitch and create. I enjoy selling my creations at local fairs, ebay and here on my blog. When I not crafting I love to decorate my home. I'm always moving furniture, painting or switching things around. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day~*~Leanne~*~

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Day....

It's raining no it's pouring...
but it's still a Beautiful day to me!
 I haven't been here lately because it's been crazy around here...
Not a good crazy...
but a bad crazy.
I have been spending time visiting my brother in the hospital.
He is my only sibling an we are very close.
We even live only a few miles from each other.

Because of prayers from many, many people from all over the world...
 he's healthy and he's back home.

 Believe in the power prayer!

Your voice will be heard!!!

Treasure each day!

Take time to be thankful!
So you see why...
It's a Beautiful Day!!!

Enjoy your day,


Jaja said...

So Happy for the good news Leanne, God Is Good ! and there are so many good people that do care in this world. We should always lift each other to the highest level because we are ALL GOD'S CHILDREN....Blessings to you Jaja

Patty C. said...

So glad your brother is well
Blessings to you and your family !!!

customteddys said...

I am so with you on this. I am glad your brother is at home. Hugs to all of you!